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1 on NBA draft boards As the madness draws to its end, the beginning of what is annually a maddening exercise in scouting and projecting is now in earnest.

Even when this process is completed, the imperfect science of which draft prospect best fits whatever NBA team is no slam dunk. Hoops history, after all, has shown that no matter best price jimmy choo shoes how good a college kid performs at the NCAA level, the jump to the NBA ranks is so big that nothing is ever taken for granted and no stone is unturned when so much money and reputation is at stake. Thursday marked the beginning of the Sweet 16 as March Madness sees the finish line with the final chapter to be written in New Orleans, a site that has provided some of the most memorable backdrops in the history of this tournament, whether it was Keith Smart jumper, Michael Jordan poise in a late game situation or Chris Webber infamous timeout when Michigan had no timeouts. Whether it was at the beginning of this madness, midway through the run or when all is said and done, the consensus top overall pick remains Kentucky Anthony Davis. No player at the collegiate level has impressed pro scouts and NBA front office executives more than Davis, who has that rare ability to handle the ball on the perimeter and dominate the post. In an hunter and jimmy choo era where virtually every big prefers to play with his face to the basket, Davis back to jimmy choo blue pumps basket skills are incomplete, but he have plenty of time to refine that part of his game in the NBA. Based on the NBA standings this late into a truncated season, Charlotte will have the best odds to land Davis, followed by New Orleans, Washington, Portland (via New Jersey) and Toronto. NBA officials aren allowed jimmie cho to publicly comment on underclassmen, but it no secret that every team would prefer as many underclassmen to declare for the draft as possible. Getting into the top five does not guarantee anything, but it generally acknowledged that the five draft slots will yield the best pro ready prospect, or at least as best ready as possible. Jared Sullinger, had he declared last year even with a lockout looming, would have likely be taken among the top five picks. This big from Ohio State, which played Cincinnati Thursday night in the Sweet 16, has seen his draft stock sliding. And this was a prospect who was hailed as a pre season player of the year. The more one watches Harrison Barnes, the more you see a kid whose athleticism is now in question and whose desire is being openly questioned. Still, this North Carolina prospect is an awfully tempting asset to pass up at the next level and he among that elite group of five, the others featuring Thomas Robinson of Kansas, UConn Andre Drummond and Kentucky Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Long suffering fans of the Raptors can only hope the ping pong balls drop Toronto way when the lottery unfolds on May 30. It would be interesting to see what trade scenarios develop if the Raptors get the first overall pick with the chance to select Davis. If nothing changes and the Raptors do pick fifth, Kidd Gilchrist would be the perfect fit for this rebuilding team that has young assets and much coveted cap flexibility. A small forward who has overcome family tragedy, Kidd Gilchrist defends the perimeter like few others in the NCAA and would give the Raptors a presence they haven had in years. Perry Jones III was once linked with the Raptors, but this Baylor big has yet to assert himself, one of the most recognizable names whose draft stock has slid. Michigan State Draymond Green has turned some heads, especially after a rare triple double, while Indiana Cody Zeller continues to be a post presence and an intriguing pro prospect. As the Sweet 16 gives way to the Elite Eight and finally the Final Four, the draft projections inside NBA offices continue, a process that is only now taking shape.

ENNIS NEW JERSEY PLAYER OF YEAR Add Tyler Ennis to the burgeoning list of Canadian hoopsters whose future looks bright. A bright kid in the classroom, a floor general on the court, Ennis has been named New Jersey basketball player of the year by ESPN/Gatorade, an honour that will resonate on both sides of the border. As soon as Melnyk heard of Thursday news, he texted his former player who was 5 foot 7 when Ennis played junior basketball in Grade 9.

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