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1' Google stock But despite all the hype about Facebook, Google continues to do just fine from search.

Google generated revenue of jimmy choo latest shoes $9.7 billion in its latest quarter ($7.5 billion after subtracting ad revenue that it shares with partners) and earned jimmy choo black flat sandals a profit of $2.7 billion. The company has $42.6 billion in cash. That financial strength allows Google to make bold moves such as its $12.5 billion offer for Motorola Mobility (bulk up Google's growing Android mobile business by giving Google some valuable intellectual property. "Given the large sums of cash Google has on hand, I think it can grow organically as well as through smart acquisitions," said Oliver Pursche, co manager of the GMG Defensive Beta Fund ( That is crucial. "Tech is an area that's subject to rapid growth and investors can be unforgiving. You have to stay at the forefront," Pursche said. Larry Page is one of several $1 tech execsAt the same time, Google has started to rein in some of its initiatives that didn't make as much strategic sense. That's won raves from investors who had been wary of Page at first. In the past few months, Google has killed off its Buzz messaging tool, Knol (Google's failed answer to Wikipedia) and its renewable energy project, to name a few. "Page has been a nice surprise. He's brought more of a focus. They've shut down some projects that investors were skeptical of. Stewart Co. in New York. His firm owns Google in several funds. Of course, Google is not without risks. You can look no further than Cisco (Fortune 500) and HP (Fortune 500) to see how acquisitions can go awry. And Netflix ( But I don't get the sense that Google is going to make similar mistakes. So investors could continue to pine for the eventual IPO of Mark Zuckerberg's company. They can take a stab with Groupon ( Or they could buy a company that's already at the forefront of most of the hottest trends in tech, is making gobs of money, and trades at a reasonable valuation. Go ahead and "like" Facebook. But it may be time to "+1" Google to your portfolio. Best of StockTwits: Europe continues to be the talk of the investing world. Tweeters weighed in on the latest plan to tackle the neverending debt crisis. TheArmoTrader: Good morning. Looks like we will never "dip" again to give us a chance to buy. BTFD Hilarious. In case you were wondering what the hashtag means, the first two words stand for "Buy The" and the last is "Dip." The third is one that's unprintable here but fans of David Mamet plays should be able to figure it out. ivanhoff: France, Germany want automatic sanctions on deficits above 3% = the recession i[n[ Europe will continue much longer than expected. robpas: Esoterically funny that the day the Germans will fix Europe could be pronounced December "nein" since austerity means "no growth" Well put. People do seem to be overlooking the fact that tackling the debt situation may lead to slow (or no) growth for a while. You may be right. Wait.

What's that? Is "Super" Mario Draghi starting up the helicopters in Brussels? The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of jimmy choo fayme sale Paul R. La Monica. Other than Time Warner, the parent jimmy choo purses of CNNMoney, and Abbott Laboratories, La Monica does not own positions in any individual stocks.

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