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1 child or youth suffers gunshot injury each day in Ontario TORONTO Firearmsinjurea child oryouthalmost every dayin Ontario, say researchers, who analyzed hospital records to determine which groupsof young people are most at risk for gun related accidentsor violentassault.

Their study, published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, foundthere were 355 jimmy choo white pumps firearm injuries an averageeach yearamong children and youth, about one quarter of which resulted in death. Refugee children and youth were 1.4 times more likely to be shot than Canadian born residents of the same age, whileimmigrant children and youth from Africa were almost three times as likely and those from Central America almostfour times as likely to be a victim of a firearm assault, the study found. Males in all three groupswere at highest risk of suffering a gunshotinjury, said Guttmann, chief science officer at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, which collected the data. we looked at unintentional injuries, children who live in rural areas are more likely to suffer one of these injuries, she said. when we looked at immigrant versus long term residents the majority of whom would be Canadian born immigrants are much less likely to be injured in accidental shootings. know from other (research) literature that children who live in homes where there are guns are more likely to have an accident with a gun, and we certainly know there are more guns in households in rural areas. contrast, firearminjuries due to violent assault tended to be clusteredin low income neighbourhoods in urban centres, whereimmigrant and refugee children and youth often live when theyarrive in Canada, Guttmann said. The study, which examined health records for millions of Ontario children, teens and young adults between 2008 and 2012, foundimmigrants from Africa and Central America accountedfor almost 70 jimmy choo shoes 2014 per cent of assault related gun injuries. The researchers did notincludesuicides in their analysis. Dr. is clearly a devastating outcome, but near misses are also a devastatingly significant issue, said Saunders, notingthe studylooks at bothgun deaths andinjuries, which in some cases can lead tosevere disabilities. is our hope that understanding the numbers will contribute to efforts that are already being made to reduce the number of victims of both unintentional firearm injuries in Canadian born children and youth, as well as firearm assault in subgroups of immigrant children and youth. Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS), which on Monday issuedupdatedrecommendationsfor preventingfirearm injuries amongyoung people, says635 children and youth under age 24 diedbetween 2008and 2012 fromaccidental and intentional gunshots, including those that were self inflicted. Ninety four per cent of victimswere male. Among15 to 19 year olds, more thanhalf were jimmy choo diamond shoes suicides, while among20 to 24 year old, about the same proportion werehomicides. For childrenunder age 15, there were 15 suicides, 10 homicides, seven unintentional deaths andtwo whose causewas undetermined. Dr. Katherine Austin, who co wrote the CPS document, said she waspleased to see the Toronto researchers went beyond firearm mortality statistics andlooked jimmy choo heel boots at data oninjuries. Over the five year period, Ontario hospitals treatedalmost 1,600 young peopleforgunshot wounds. a lot, said Austin. you imagine any other consumer product that caused one serious injurya day over a period of five years? CPS position paper says doctors and otherhealth practitioners can play a criticalrole in preventing firearm injuriesand deaths bywarningparentsabout the risks of guns beingaccessible to youth.

family, rural and urban, should be screened for gun ownership, the document states. who decide to keep a gun in the home should be counselled to store firearms unloaded, with a trigger lock or in a locked container, and separate from ammunition. being shorter than (NBA star) Wilt Chamberlain, she said of measuring Canada death rateagainst that ofits southern neighbour.

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