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1st responders to rape focus on dynamics of sexual assault at Missoula seminar The seminar began with a collage of popular advertisements depicting what some see as violence against women, from an ad for Jimmy Choo shoes to another for Calvin Klein jeans.

As a soundtrack to complete their message, members of the Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force chose "Used to Love Her" by Guns N' Roses. If you're not familiar with the lyrics, they go something like this; "I used to love her, but I had to kill her. I had to put her six feet under, and I can still hear her complain." First responders to sexual assault gathered Monday at the University of Montana to begin a two day seminar focused on jimmy choo store the dynamics of rape, from identifying the perpetrators to working more closely with victims. Through a competitive grant process, Missoula was selected as one of 15 sites nationally to host the program, which saw 60 law enforcement officers, trauma nurses and resource counselors attend from across Montana. "When you're bombarded by the media, movies, television shows and magazines depicting sexualized violence, it sends a message we bypass on a daily basis," said training jimm6 choo coordinator Jenna Harper. "We become desensitized, and we may not realize when sexual violence happens, or that it's actually a crime." The ads may hardly raise eyebrows anymore, including that of men's suit seller Duncan Quinn, which depicts a man dragging a half naked woman across the hood of a car with a rope around her neck. Others are less apparent a woman in lingerie kneeling at the feet of a man. A beer ad stating, "It ain't gonna get her drunk enough, fast enough." A T shirt declaring, "Some call it stalking; I call it tommy choo love." Carrie Hull, a task force member and detective with the Ashland (Ore.) Police Department, said such posters, T shirts and ads, while common in everyday American culture, can serve as possible evidence in the wake of sexual assault if recovered from the suspect. "The more you can understand where an offender is coming from, the better you can represent that to a jury," Hull said. "These images are powerful things. If I go to trial, they're going to be plastered right up front for the jury to see." The Oregon Attorney General's task force was created in jimmy choo logo 1999 after a statewide survey found a need to improve the state's response to sexual assault. The team now travels the country giving seminars like that taking place in Missoula, where allegations of sexual assault involving UM students over the past year have brought the subject front and center. It's a discussion also taking place in Missoula online chatrooms, where some posting comments insist that rape victims have brought the assaults on themselves. "She sounds like a girl who made a mistake and wanted it to go away," one commenter posted after a recent allegation. Victims of rape may be reluctant to report an assault, particularly given a community's response to such crimes. Harper said feelings of betrayal, fear and self blame may linger with the victim long after the assault. Memories can be fragmented, disconnected and hard to retrieve. "Victims are not always coming forward, accessing services and reporting to law enforcement, and they're carrying a heavy burden inside," Harper said. "Knowing how it all impacts the victim can help us recognize how we can be more victim centered, and how we can improve our own investigations." Instructors discussed the causes of self blame, why a victim's memories may lapse after a crime, and the reasons she or he may be reluctant to report the assault. First responders must build a bridge of trust, and give the victim a sense of control, presenters said. At no time, the task force told investigators, did a victim ever deserve to be sexually assaulted. It's a message Erin Steuer, an outreach coordinator with the Student Assault Resource Center at UM, took to heart. "It's nice to see a shift in focus from the victim to the offender and their mindset, instead of focusing on what the victim was doing or what she was up to when the assault occurred," said Steuer. "Those images they showed could be seen as a barrier to coming forward. They might make you think sexual violence is a popular thing and that it's not always a crime." It's that victim centered approach that helped put the Oregon program on the map. Hull said the Ashland department turned its own methods in dealing with sexual assault upside down, giving victims control above the state's urge to prosecute their offenders. Oregon now offers anonymous rape kits, anonymous police reports and "information only" reports. The options give victims choices on how, when and if they proceed to prosecution. While it may be contrary to standard practices, Hull said the changes have netted an increase of reported sexual assaults. That has helped investigators identify more sexual predators and possible perpetrators, helping build a stronger case if they repeat with future crimes. "You're getting a ton more information," Hull said.

"It's a totally different way of law enforcement. Letting victims know they have options in general increases reporting and the amount of information you'll get in return.".

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