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1 per cent fall in average Cambridge house price is little comfort to first time buyers But despite Cambridge's price decline, it remains one of the most expensive property markets in the UK, beaten only by several boroughs in and surrounding London.

Cambridge lies well above the national average price of which is up 7.7 per cent since December 2015 ( Parcels by parachute? Amazon's latest drone patent revealed First time Cambridge buyers Tom and Aurelia Neumark are struggling to put a foot on the first rung of the property ladder thanks to "scandalously high prices" in the city. Tom said: "My wife and I considered buying a property a year ago, but we realised even the smallest rise in interest rates would mean we would not be able to afford the mortgage and that was with help from our parents for a deposit. The average cost of a house in Cambridge is now "Also, while everyone around us seemed to be telling us to get onto the housing ladder, the Cambridge housing market looked like it could be a bubble, and we didn't want to be caught in it if it popped. "We may well be proven wrong and house prices will keep shooting up, but it wasn't a risk we were prepared or even able to take." New house building not keeping pace with demand in East of England, new research reveals He added: "I am pleased to see that property prices look like they are coming down in Cambridge. "But a drop of 5.1 per cent, while encouraging, is still a very small drop compared to the 50 per cent increase since 2010. "We have a long way to go before Cambridge is actually affordable."Richard Connolly, CEO of Rentplus, said: "The drop in average house prices in Cambridge doesn't mean it is any easier for first time buyers to get on the housing ladder. "According to research, prices remain nearly 10 times the average salary in the city. "The biggest barrier that first time buyers face, saving for a deposit, remains very much in place. Residents sick of jimmy choo feather shoes 'excessive damage' to Cambridge's open spaces back calls for council officer to supervise events "The solution lies in delivering innovative new affordable tenures in the city, such as rent to buy, which offers people the security of jimmy choo sneakers white a long term, affordable rented home, and opportunity to save up to eventually buy that home." Estate agents across the city say the report doesn't reflect the market's buoyant reality. Martin Walshe from Cheffins said: "The Cambridge market is a very complicated market place in which different price bands react in different ways. "High demand in the middle market creates a situation where prices have probably increased rather than decreased, and they have increased marginally due to continued very high demand, which is mainly job driven and is probably unique to the Cambridge market. "However in the lower price bracket, around to in Cambridge, we have seen properties selling for less than they may have done 12 months ago, due mainly to the radical change in the buy to let market where demand reduced dramatically, almost overnight, as a result of the change in stamp duty in Spring jimmy choo a last year. "This would perhaps coincide with the reported drop of 5 per cent. "At the top end of the market, prices have generally levelled out and certainly we have noticed less competition for properties, mainly due to difficulties in the prime London market."However the Cambridge market reacts differently from the rest of the www jimmy choo shoes UK due to continuing demand and a very low supply." Michael Houlden from Strutt and Parker echoed Kevin's opinion.

He said: "I don't think these stats reflect what's going on. "Maybe house prices in Cambridge have plateaued a bit, but they are still high. The market fluctuates a lot.

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